The Fifth Horseman: Treasongate Explained...And Other Stories

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Treasongate Explained...And Other Stories

Does the Plame leak case have you confused? We all know that Karl's a crook...but why?

Well, luckily for you, Chris Matthews prepared this timeline on Hardball.

Even if you're familiar with the case, watch the clip, if only for the delightful hints of a possible Turdblossom indictment.

This next topic is also one that brings joy to my heart: more bad news for this nation's Worst Senator.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen...things are looking bad for Rapture Rick Santorum, with the latest polls showing him trailing Robert Casey by 18 points in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Am I gloating?

Yes. Yes, I am gloating.

Well, this next news is not quite-so-happy. In fact, it's downright bad. The New York Times ran a stingingly accurate article about the Chickenhawk Brigade's horrid response to Katrina, and the Left Wing's failure to use the response to bring national attention to the issues of poverty and race. Sadly, the Right Wing did not hesitate in enacting their own, more sinister, agenda. Here's an excerpt:
Conservatives have already used the storm for causes of their own, like suspending requirements that federal contractors have affirmative action plans and pay locally prevailing wages. And with federal costs for rebuilding the Gulf Coast estimated at up to $200 billion, Congressional Republican leaders are pushing for spending cuts, with programs like Medicaid and food stamps especially vulnerable.

Wonderful. Although the Hurricane itself was tragic and destructive, it did present a golden opportunity to bring some questions about this nation's economic and racial injustices to the public's attention. But we squandered that opportunity and now, if the Republicans have their way, we're going to do our best to make those already horrific injustices even worse.

Don't you just love Compassionate Conservatism?

For those on the right, a complete world melt-down, even if caused by their policies, is only an excuse to enact their policies with MORE vigor.
Amen, brother!
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