The Fifth Horseman: "In the Beginning, There Was Abramoff"

Sunday, October 02, 2005


"In the Beginning, There Was Abramoff"

Boy, have I got some fun stuff for you today, folks.

The printed media is at it again, giving me all sorts of delightful quotes about DeLay, Abramoff and all the Crooked Chickenhawks in Washington.

This first tidbit is from an editorial by Frank Rich entitled "In the Beginning, There Was Abramoff". Enjoy:
Mr. DeLay's latest plight is only a tiny detail within this vast Boschian canvas of depravity. If this were Watergate - and Watergate itself increasingly looks like a relatively contained epidemic of corruption - the Texas grand jury's indictment of the congressman and his associates would be a sideshow tantamount to the initial 1973 California grand jury indictment of the Nixon aide John Ehrlichman and his pals in the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office; Watergate's real legal fireworks were still in the wings. So forget about all those details down in Texas that make your teeth hurt; don't bother to learn the difference between Trmpac and Armpac. Fasten your seat belt instead for the roller coaster of other revelations and possible indictments that's about to roar through the Beltway.

Wow. Frank Rich is right about one thing: Tom DeLay is hardly the only Chickenhawk Crook that needs to be brought to justice. Something is rotten in the Republican party. Rampant cronyism and corporate crookery have gone far enough. It's time for some housekeeping, and Tom DeLay has to be the first to go. I just hope that the cleaning doesn't atop there: plenty more Chickenhawks are in dire need of an extended prison vacation.

Next, I bring you this story. Another retired American general has spoken out against the Iraq War. Unfortunately, none of the major media outlets have picked it up, so I was forced to use this source: The Lowell Sun. Read the story here. It will be worth the time.

Finally, I bring you some tidbits from The Daily Kos. Kos is angry. F-bomb angry. This rarely happens. Read this entry: Bush and reality hate each other.

Well, that's all I have time for today, folks. It's another nice day out there. Why don't you go play outside?

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Tom DeLay is toast!
The Daily Kos is angry, but not as angry as Tom DeLay is.

They say "make your enemy angry and you don't even have to fight him to defeat him"

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