The Fifth Horseman: Harriet...who?

Monday, October 03, 2005



That was my first though upon learning of the new Supreme Court nominee. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't think he could do it...but he did.

In Harriet Miers, Dubya has actually managed to find a nominee even more ambiguous than John Roberts.

Just as with Roberts, this makes me nervous. We can't afford to have one, much less two, Stealth Chickenhawks, appointed to the Supreme Court.

It's gonna be another nailbiting month for the Horseman.

In other news, the columnists of the New York Times have been at it agian. In his piece entitled "Miserable By Design" (sorry, you'll need TimesSelect), Paul Krugman ripped the Chickenhawk Brigade's Katrina response a new one. Seriously, this was his first line:
The Bush administration is trying to treat Hurricane Katrina's victims as harshly as the political realities allow, so as not to create a precedent for other aid efforts.

Krugman went on to say:
The crucial point is that President Bush has been forced by events into short-term actions that conflict with his long-term goals. His mission in office is to dismantle or at least shrink the federal social safety net, yet he must, as a matter of political necessity, provide aid to Katrina’s victims. His problem is how to do that without legitimizing the very role of government he oppose.

Excellent, quite excellent. Even as times get worse, it's good to know that I can still count on The New York Times to, for the most part, speak the truth.

In other news, one of my covert sources mailed me this excellent article. You would do well to read it, and quote it next time a Chickenhawk talks about "Freedom On The March" or the "Rise of Democracy" in the Mideast.

Well, that's all I have time for today. It's a nice day out there...why don't you go for a nice, evening stroll with the kids? Or wife. Or dog.

Or whatever.

She should make one nervous. Miers has called President Bush "the most brilliant man I have ever met."

I think she needs to get out more!

That excellent article ( is RIGHT ON THE DOT.

Glad to see that some yankees keep their head above the water. The whole world is slowly realizing the ugly face of imperialism after the Iraq war, which can be best described as: Do as we say! or else...

And yes, not so long ago, every one was still believing in the american myth. I guess the Katrina debacle has opened up the eyes of the last few naive souls.

I, for one, still believes the US has much to offer as a role model for the world. But it will take a 180 degree shift of policies from the actual administration's.

An idea to ponder:
The power broker who peddle capitalism and globalism should remember that capitalism is based on the free and unfettered transfer of INFORMATION. Now ask yourself a simple question: do you know your boss's salary? And his boss, and everyone else in the company? Probably not, well capitalism is based on this information being available. Another thing: workers are bearer of information, yet can they follow capital when it flows to developing markets? Not easily. Sometimes not at all (heck it within Canada, it is hard to work in another province). Yet under the basis of capitalism, they should.

Just my 2 cents.

Cheers all.
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