The Fifth Horseman: Falafel Bill Hates The Blogs

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Falafel Bill Hates The Blogs

I'm sorry. A cheap shot...but I just couldn't resist that title.

However, it does happen to be true. Bill O'Reilly hates the bloggers. In fact, Falafel Bill devoted most of last night's O'Reilly factor to attacking the blogosphere.

Silly Bill. Don't you realize that this will just encourage us to do more?

Silly, silly Falafel Man.

In other news, Maureen Dowd had penned another delightfully scathing coumn about Dubya's passion for ego-affirming Yes Men....Wo-men....YES WOMEN. The title alone causes me delight: "All The President's Women". Here's an excerpt (TimesSelect, sorry!):
The West Wing is a parallel universe to TV’s Wisteria Lane: instead of self-indulgent desperate housewives wary of sexy nannies, there are self-sacrificing, buttoned-up nannies serving as adoring work wives, catering to W.’s every political, legal and ego-affirming need.

Maybe it’s because his mom was not adoring enough, but more tart and prickly, even telling her son, the president, not to put his feet up on her coffee table. Or maybe it’s because, as his wife says, his kinship with his mom gives him a desire to be around strong, “very natural” women. But W. loves being surrounded by tough women who steadfastly devote their entire lives to doting on him, like the vestal virgins guarding the sacred fire, serving as custodians for his values and watchdogs for his reputation.

Call me immature...but the thought of Laura Bush talking about "natural women" made me laugh. The phrase brings to mind 1960's Women's Lib and bra-burnings. Definitely not a topic that the Laura "Stepford" Bush seems to know much about.

Also, I doubt that Bush wants any of his subordinates, male or female, to have a strong will and/or opinion. Dissent, no matter how intelligent, is not permitted under a Chickenhawk Regime. It could give the plebains dangerous thoughts.

And, Lord knows we can't have that, now can we?

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