The Fifth Horseman: Bill O'Reilly Is A Moronic Ape-Man

Monday, October 10, 2005


Bill O'Reilly Is A Moronic Ape-Man

Bob Herbert penned another excellent column today, entitled "Who Isn’t Against Torture?"

Well Bob, the answer to that question is simple: The White House. Those guys love torture.

Bob seems to know this, too. Observe this lovely tidbit about the President's opposition to bipartisan anti-torture legislation:
So who would you expect to remain out of step with
this important march toward sanity, the rule of law
and the continuation of a longstanding American
commitment to humane values?

Did you say President Bush? Well, that would be

The president, who has trouble getting anything right,
is trying to block this effort to outlaw the abusive
treatment of prisoners.

That pretty much says it all folks. According to Dubya: torture = good, human rights = bad.

Wonderful guy, ain't he?

These next two tidbits, I present mainly for my own entertainment...

First of all: this clip of Ann Coulter on Real Time with Bill Maher. Interestingly enough, Coulter seems to have flip-flopped on John Roberts. Although she seems to think he's great now, she was singing a different song when she penned her column entitled Souter in Roberts' clothing.

I know, Ann Coulter is not exactly this is something of a cheap shot. But I couldn't resist.

In other news, everybody should watch Stephen Colbert's new show. Really, I'm not kidding. Everyone should watch it. Here's a description of the showfrom Stephen himself:
With his promotion to anchor, Colbert says he will draw from the "dazzling hubris" of Bill O'Reilly, along with Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough, plus "the folksiness of Aaron Brown, the way he mulls the news and loves to chew the words. And the sexiness of Anderson Cooper. Certainly they sell him as attractive." Watching O'Reilly and company inundate viewers with opinions, he says, is like witnessing a spectacle "as natural as a gorilla beating his chest."

It premieres a week from today. Mark your calendars, folks.

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