The Fifth Horseman: Turdblossom Takes Reins of Reconstruction

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Turdblossom Takes Reins of Reconstruction

That's right ladies and gentlemen. If the buzz is true, it would seem that Karl Rove has been chosen to head the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.

If true, this will simply confirm what I have suspected all along: the primary concern of the Chickenhawk Brigade on the Gulf Coast is not recovery; it is saving face. If Bush actually wanted to rebuild the Coast in the best manner possible, and help the most people, he would post man with experience in rescue operations and logistics.

Instead, it looks like he wants to assign his Propaganda Chief.

Indeed, government activities in and around New Orleans have already begun to take on a decidedly Rovian slant. The Washington Post made this prediction about Dubya's face-saving speech on Thursday:
Tonight's speech promises two classic features of the Rove approach.

Bush will take advantage of powerful imagery -- the Associated Press reports the speech will be held in historic Jackson Square, with the famous St. Louis Cathedral as a backdrop -- and he won't risk having anyone around who might disagree with him or ask an impertinent question. In fact, the AP says, there won't be a live audience at all. (And even the journalists covering the event are being told they won't be allowed to stray from their press vans.)

Expect more of this, ladies and gentlemen. The President, and the entire Administration, had their noses bloodied thanks to Hurricane Katrina. To save face, and prevent an upset in the 2006 midterms, they are embarking upon a Rove-lead PR blitz. That means that all actual relief work will have to take a back seat to the President's PR-posturing and Rovian propaganda.

Also, expect to see plenty of pictures of Dubya posing with scruffy, rustic firefighters. People eat that shit up.

My next topic is one of pure amusement: Bill O'Reilly. Keith Olbermann recently bestowed upon O'Reilly the title of: Worst Person In The World. Amusing. Very amusing. You can see the clip here at Crooks and Liars.

In other news, it looks as if Rapture Rick Santorum's Senate seat is in danger In the latest polls, Santorum is trailing his Democratic challenger by 14%. Good riddance.

And, finally, I bring you this: Impeach Bush is still in the Top Ten and going strong.

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It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem. Is Karl Rove Slartibartfast? No, I don't so. So then all I can say is, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." No matter how carefully this project is planned, something will go wrong with it.
I hope you're right.
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