The Fifth Horseman: Tom DeLay Political Death Watch

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tom DeLay Political Death Watch

Catchy title, eh?

The Printed Op/Ed pages have been having a field-day of Treasongate proportions (Remember that?!? Make sure you do...) over the Tom DeLay indictment. Here are some delightful tidbits for your reading pleasure.

From the LA Times:
Tom Delay has been so intellectually dishonest for so long that news that he may have been criminally dishonest hardly comes as a surprise. The question now is how much worse the political culture will become before it can get better…

But the real scandal in Washington, as someone once said, isn't what's illegal, it's what's legal. DeLay has practically made a career out of testing the boundaries on ethics — and going far beyond them politically.

Here's another, this one from the New York Times:
The imperious Texan is an increasing embarrassment to his party, turning its majority into an undisguised fountain of patronage and an ideological cudgel while skirting the bounds of campaign law…It's long been clear that the political damage to Mr. DeLay has been self-inflicted. His value as a leader was compromised well before his run-in with the prosecutor in Texas. to my ears. I have just one wish (other than a conviction): Tom DeLay being lead away in handcuffs and fingerprinted. I'm sure the photo of DeLay in cuffs would make for a wonderful framed keepsake, worthy of display above the mantle of any Progressive Home. I would pay money for it.

In related news of Chickenhawk Crookery, the SEC has turned up the pressure on Bill First, upgrading its inquiry to a formal investigation. Granted, this is hardly news on the scale of the DeLay indictment. However, it's a start.

My Ultimate Dream? Frist, DeLay, and Turdblossom taking an extended vacation to sunny Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That would be justice.

In other news, the ACLU won a battle with the Thought Police today. Following a request by the ACLU, a New York judge ordered that the Federal Government release classified photos of the Abu Gharaib torture and abuse. Judge Alvin Hellerstein made the decision, despite heavy opposition from both the military and Chickenhawk Brigade. In his decision, Hellerstein said:
Our struggle to prevail must be without sacrificing the transparency and accountability of government and military officials...[America]does not surrender to blackmail, and fear of blackmail is not a legally sufficient argument to prevent us from performing a statutory command...Indeed, the freedoms that we champion are as important to our success in Iraq and Afghanistan as the guns and missiles with which our troops are armed.

Well, said Alvin. It is nice to know that, even when everyone else seems to have gone mad, small pockets of sanity still live on in the Judiciary.

In still other news, The Fifth Horseman recently got a shoutout here on skippy the bush kangaroo.

Though he hardly needs any help getting traffic, I figured that I would return the favor.

Thanks for the love, skippy. Rock on.

Finally seems like, still seems like the justice is being served. The crooks like Tom Delay have to be behind bars for life. I hope more and more crooks are convicted and congress is cleaned up. We have to celebrate this news as a national event!
Inuendos, no substance
You don't get an indictment without some substance. This isn't just punditry wanking, there's evidence behind it. The jury's job will be to determine HOW culpable Delay is, not WHETHER he's culpable.
Oh's been a good news cycle. I'll take Republicans in the slammer over hurricane death and destruction anyday.
compassionate, informed liberals playing politics with hurricanes? Never woulda thunkit. Robert KKK Byrd (D) claimed that there are "white niggers" on Brit Hume the other night, and I don't see a leftist convulsion like over Bennett's comments..figures...Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Minority Leader, was caught arranging grants for corrupt pastors at a mention of this on your blog. Silence is deafening. Leftist hypocracy knows no bounds.
anonymous #4, I'd love to see a cite for the "white niggers" quote. Byrd's something of an idiot, but that sounds a little over the top even for him.

While you're at it, please provide some documentation for the Harry Reid assertion also - something other than a blog, please.
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