The Fifth Horseman: Take That, Turdblossom!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Take That, Turdblossom!

If you will recall, I wrote yesterday about Karl Rove taking charge of the Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast. Of course, everybody knows the reason Turdblossom has been deployed: to save Dubya's reputation. Rove's job is to make people believe in the President again. That was the purpose of the President’s address last Thursday. Well, guess what?

It's not working.

In fact, Dubya's approval ratings actually dropped after his face-saving speech in New Orleans. Excellent. Perhaps the American Public is finally catching on to the Chickenhawk Brigade: they make promises, but they never actually follow through on them.

In other news, Barack Obama continued doing what he does best: being awesome. On Face The Nation, Obama discussed the stupidity of the Administration's refusal to raise taxes to pay for Katrina:
This I think is where the problem comes in. You can't fight a war in Iraq that's costing upwards of 200 billion dollars and rebuild Katrina-rebuild N.O. and respond to the aftermath of Katrina-and try to deal with all the other domestic needs that we have, and- then cut taxes for the wealthiest 1% of Americana. I mean there was talk right-immediately after the hurricane that the republicans in the senate were still going to push forward with the repeal the estate tax which is mind boggling I think. We need some adult supervision of the budget process...

Rock on, Obama. you can see the video clip here at Crooks and Liars.

In other news, I give you this tidbit of foolishness. Apparently, we are winning the war in Iraq, simply because more enemy soldiers are being killed than American soldiers.

Funny....I think I've heard that logic before. Could it have been here?

You would think we would have learned something since Vietnam. In a guerilla campaign, it doesn't matter how many rebels you kill. They'll simply recruit more from an almost endless supply of angered, young males, both domestic and foreign.

The only solution to this Catch-22 is to not have invaded Iraq in the first place. Unfortunately, it's too late for that.

In still other news, I bring you:

The Impeachment Report

Impeach Bush is still going strong on Keep it up, guys.

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I bet Bush regrets giving Karl Rove the nickname "turdblossom."
I'll bet you're right.

It sure is fun to use, though.
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