The Fifth Horseman: Mary's Media Blitz

Monday, September 12, 2005


Mary's Media Blitz

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows, hitting several of the major networks.

Landrieu, as you will recall, was berated by CNN's Anderson Cooper for her supportive words of the Federal Government's pitiful response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Mary listened to these words and, surprisingly enough for a politician, seemed to actually consider them and have a change of heart. In fact, Mary made the rounds of this Sunday's talk show circuit, berating the Chickenhawk Brigade's efforts to push blame for Katrina on State and local authorities. Here are some choice quotes…

From CBS' Face The Nation:

While the president is saying he wants to work together as a team, I think the White House operatives have a full-court press on to blame state and local officials, whether they're Republicans or Democrats, whether it's [MS Gov.] Haley Barbour or [LA Gov.] Kathleen Blanco, whether it's [New Orleans] Mayor [Ray] Nagin or a Republican mayor from Mississippi.

And, from Fox News Sunday:

I'm asking the White House to stop sending out press releases blaming local and state officials.

This is a far cry from the Mary Landrieu we saw two weeks ago, obliviously praising the Federal Government's response to Hurricane Katrina.

Unlike the President and his cronies, when presented with the facts, Mary seems capable of seeing the truth. That's refreshing. We hardly see any of that these days.

Mary also spoke the truth. The Chickenhawk Brigade has been even more hypocritical than usual over the past couple weeks. Even as they denounce the "Liberal Media" for playing the "blame game", they simultaneously try to push responsibility for the fuckups onto the State and Local governments.

In other news, FEMA Director Michael Brown has officially resigned. Of course, this barely rates as news. Although Bush technically "reassigned" Brown to Washington, this reassignment was a dismissal in all but name. Good riddance. The man was utterly incompetent. It's just a shame that his incompetence killed so many people before he resigned.

Finally, I give you this final tidbit of information. The words "Impeach Bush" are occupying the #2 slot on the Technorati Top Ten list and still going strong. Although the campaign has a snowball's chance in hell of actually running Dubya out of office, the buzz it has been generating can hardly hurt the Common Cause of Principled Left-Wingers everywhere.

And, who knows? Perhaps the campaign will fuel public calls for an Independent Investigation into the government's Hurricane Katrina failures. We can only hope.

You blog makes me laugh, Impeach Bush, that's funny, good luck!
I try to please.
Yes, but there is a growing sentiment to impeach or recall Governor Kathleen Blanco...

politicizing Katrina may not have been such a good idea for liberals after all
First of all, I'd like to see some sources, other than your blog, that cover this "growing sentiment" to recall Blanco.

And as for "politicizing Katrina"...take a look in the mirror, my friend. The Right Wing is gearing up to crucify the State and Local officials, who just so happen to be Democrats, for a matter that was out of their control.

Even if the State and Local governments did hesitate with their response, there was little they could have done with their linited resources anyways. They needed Federal Aid, which they requested numerous times. However, no significant Federal aid arrived until almost a week after the levees broke.

The Federal Government failed these people. However, just like with Abu Gharaib, the Right Wingers in the Administration are ready to crucify subordinates to save their own asses.
And, on a further note....

Next time you accuse us Liberal Folk of politicizing a tragedy, turn on the television and watch a speech by virtually any Right-Winger. Count the number of times the words "9/11" or "September 11th" are mentioned. The numbers will astound you.

Since the morning of September 12th, the GOP has made a policy of shamelessly using the deaths of American citizens as tools for political gain. When the poll numbers are dropping, we all know that it's time for Bush to start mentioning all those Americans killed in 2001, and how unpatriotic it would be to go against the will of the man proselytizing over their bloody corpses.

Exploiting national tragedy for personal gain is what the Right Wing does best.
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