The Fifth Horseman: GOP Opposition To John Roberts

Saturday, September 17, 2005


GOP Opposition To John Roberts

It's an odd when a Republican mayor shows more balls in opposing White House policy than most Democratic members of the Senate. Odd, but true. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Republican Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has announced his opposition to Bush's nomination of John Roberts. Bloomberg said:

Judge Roberts’ response did not indicate a commitment to protect a woman’s right to choose...There can be no turning back and for that reason I oppose the nomination of Judge Roberts as chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

Granted, Bloomberg is the mayor of one of the most liberal cities in the nation, so this announcement will hardly put his career at risk. Still, my hat is off to him for having more balls than half the Democrats in Congress. Certain Senators would do well to follow his example.

In other news, Dubya has already started sabotaging the relief efforts he promised in his face-saving speech Thursday evening. Follow this link: Bush Rules Out Raising Taxes for Gulf Relief.

That's right, people of New Orleans. You're important...just not important enough for Bush to force his rich pals to cough up any more dough.

This is especially ridiculous when considered in light of our gargantuan deficit. Although the full extent of Katrina's damage upon the economy is not yet known, it has been estimated that the reconstruction efforts on the Gulf Coast could raise the Federal deficit from its current $350 billion to $500 billion in the coming fiscal year.

So, this leaves one question: if Dubya won't raise taxes, where will the money come from? The answer is simple: budget cuts. Of what, you may ask?

Well, it is safe to assume that the cuts won't come from the Chickenhawk Brigade's beloved War Machine. If anything, they'll need more cash. I doubt that Congress will be willing to give up money from its pork-laden highway bill, either.

That leaves the usual suspects: social programs and education. The Middle Children of the Chickenhawk Brigade's domestic policy. Look for significant budget cuts from Education and Social Welfare programs in the near future.

In other news, "Impeach Bush" has reclaimed the #1 slot at Hat's off to the nice people of the Impeach Bush Coalition and all other members of the Impeach Bush Campaign. You guys have to be doing something right.

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