The Fifth Horseman: Dubya: I accept responsibility...sort of...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Dubya: I accept responsibility...sort of...

Well, two weeks after he killed thousands of people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Bush has finally admitted the obvious: the Administration's Shoddy Response to Hurricane Katrina is his fault.

Now, don't get all excited just yet. Sure, Dubya admitted responsibility. This all means nothing unless Dubya actually makes some constructive changes to the nation's emergency response system.

And that seems doubtful, at best. If you'll recall, in the aftermath of another catastrophe caused by his negligence (the 9/11 attacks), Dubya vowed to increase the nation's readiness to withstand another attack or natural disaster. The result of this, no matter how Dubya tried to prevent its creation, was the Department of Homeland Security. However, being unable to prevent its creation, Dubya crippled the DHS's capacity to respond to disasters and rendered it virtually useless.

Thus, if anything, Dubya's creation of the DHS compounded the disastrous situation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The DHS was utterly incapable of responding swiftly enough to save the lives of the people of New Orleans.

That was Dubya's response to the last National Disaster. Installing a idiotically complicated and inefficient system that had the effect of allowing thousands of the nation's citizens to drown and starve to death four years later.

So, you can probably see why i have little faith in Dubya's promise to "accept responsibility" for the disaster and implement useful changes. Actions speak louder than words. And this man's actions indicate a childish buffoon, utterly incapable of learning from his deadly mistakes. He promises to "make things better" but, like a short-sighted child, simply makes the same mistakes again.

It's what he has always done, and I see no reason to believe that he'll change his ways anytime soon. I hope, for all our sakes, that he does...but it doesn't really look all that likely.

It's time for regime change. If we impeached Clinton for a blowjob, we damn well better be able to impeach Bush for killing thousands of his own people.

And don't give me that crap about "high crimes and misdemeanors". If we can't run our Leader out of office for homicidal negligence of this sort, something is seriously wrong with this nation's political system. That means the system needs to change...quickly, before it can kill off any more of us.

This action by President Bush, taking responsibility for the departments he controls, is exactly what one should expect of a top executive and honorable person.
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A reply to Mr. Anonymous:

Indeed, Mr. Bush's words do seem to indicate that he is a responsible man. However, those words mean nothing unless he backs them with Responsible Actions. And Responisble Actions aren't exactly this Administration's strong suit.

Empty Promises are what this White House does best. I doubt anything of value will come of Dubya's promises.

Let's just hope that, when the next deadly disaster strike another four years from now, we'll have a President competent enought to actually take steps to protect this nation's citizens.
"SORRY, I ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY" doesn't cut it. How many times do we accept this?Until the next time? He's already had many chances - get the came and get him OUT? While we're at it, get Cheney and all his cohorts and appointees out! They all stink to high heaven.
Bush is an "honorable person"? Come on, is Bush really a person?
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