The Fifth Horseman: Commission Reports and Bathroom Breaks

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Commission Reports and Bathroom Breaks

Before I get into the usual heavy stuff, I would like to share with you, dear readers, a story that has caused me untold joy. I am not even going to attempt to describe it myself. Just follow this link: Bush's Bathroom Break.

Amusing, very amusing. But, now we have to move onto business.

The GOP is back in true form, and has resumed doing what it does best: evading responsibility.

Yesterday, in a vote strictly along party lines, the GOP-dominated Senate voted down Hillary Clinton's proposal to create an independent commission to investigate the government's pitiful response to Hurricane Katrina.

Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. The GOP clearly realizes its own guilt in the horrid response, and is trying its best to hide its mistakes.

However, luckily for us Principled Left-Wingers, it doesn't look as if they're going to get away with it. From

In a CNN/USA Today Gallup poll taken Sept. 8-11, 70 percent of those surveyed supported an independent panel to investigate the government's response to Katrina. Only 29 percent were opposed.

Additionally, it would be wise to keep in mind that the GOP tried to oppose the creation of an independent commission to investigate 9/11. And we all know how that turned out.

So, despite the GOP's best efforts, it wouldn't be wise to write off an Independent Investigation just yet. We just have to keep public outrage going to fuel calls for the creation of the Commission.

Now, on to the next topic: The John Roberts Confirmation Hearings.

Although not surprising, yesterday's spineless performance on the part of the Democrats was hardly surprising. Yet again, only two Democrats really exhibited the balls to ask meaningful questions of Roberts.

As in the previous day, Joe Biden appeared to be the most feisty of the Democrats, not letting Roberts get away with his usual stonewalling:
See, you've told me nothing, Judge.

With all due respect, you've not -- look, it's kind of interesting, this Kabuki dance we have in these hearings here, as if the public doesn't have a right to know what you think about fundamental issues facing them.

There's no more possibility that anyone one of us here would be elected to the United States Senate without expressing broadly and sometimes specifically to our public what it is we believe.

Additionally, Chuck Schumer had a few moments of scrappiness, particularly with regards to the eerie similarities between Clarence Thomas's views on privacy rights, as expressed in his confirmation hearings, and the views expressed by Thomas:
This is obviously very important, because Justice Thomas seemed to be more full in his view of privacy at his confirmation hearing than later, when he was on the court, at least if you read his decisions.

And you are not willing to say that your view is different than the view Justice Thomas stated in Lawrence.

So, hats off to Biden and Schumer for asking the important questions. Now, here's my message to the rest of the Democrats: step it up, guys! This man could be Chief Justice of Supreme Court for decades. That's a lot of time to fuck up the country by reversing gay rights, affirmative action, and a woman's right to choose. It is you responsibility, as American citizens as well as Senators, to ensure that Roberts won't reverse these milestone decisions.

That means asking the tough questions.

In other news, the words "Impeach Bush" are still holding steady at the #1 Slot at


I agree about the need for a independent commission to investigate the government's pitiful response to Hurricane Katrina.

Well, about the bathroom break that way it's called "Yellow Journalism." or a news leak ...

Punny. Very punny.

I appreciate it.
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