The Fifth Horseman: Bush to investigate...himself?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Bush to investigate...himself?

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. In face of increasingly vocal calls for an investigation into the Administration's Hurricane Katrina fuckups, the Chickenhawk Brigade has vowed to launch an investigation. This investigation will be conducted by none other than President Bush himself.

That's right. Dubya will be investigating his own failures.

Does anybody else see anything wrong with that? This is the equivalent of asking OJ to investigate his ex-wife's murder, or selecting a fox to investigate a mysterious Henhouse killing.

Just as bad is the GOP-lead Congressional Committee that the Chickenhawk Brigade is trying to organize for the investigation.

Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Dubya and the GOP will be too busy covering their own asses and trying to deflect blame to local officials to actually do any real investigation. What we need is an independent committee , in the spirit of the 9/11 Commission, to investigate the failures of the Federal Government in its response to Hurricane Katrina. Of course, Bush knows that any independent committee’s finding won't look kindly on his sheer incompetence, so he'll try his best to stall the launching of any independent investigation. But he tried to stall the 9/11 Commission Report, and they published anyways.

In other news, the Media, continuing with its recent feisty streak, won another victory yesterday afternoon. If you recall, earlier last week, the Chickenhawk Brigade attempted to prevent the Media from reporting on the death toll and body recovery efforts in New Orleans. I guess the sight of dead bodies must have been giving some people dangerously anti-Administration thoughts.

CNN, still feeling feisty, took their case to court...and won. Rather than fight a CNN lawsuit, the Federal Government decided to allow the Media to report on recovery of the dead from New Orleans. This should be a lesson to the Administration: they may be able to suppress images of the dead from Iraq, but Freedom of the Press is still going strong on our own soil.

Disturbing as they may be, the public needs to see the images of these bodies on the News. Maybe, if they are presented with the sight of these victims of governmental negligence, the public will began to demand some accountability from the Administration that allowed 10,000 of its own citizens to die.

Which brings me to my next topic. Currently, the #2 slot on the Technorati List of Top Ten Searches is this: "Impeach Bush". This movement has been, over the past few days, gained quite a bit of attention in the Blogosphere, even spawning an Impeach Bush Coalition. Now, I realize that this is all likely just a pipe dream. It is highly unlikely that Bush will ever be impeached, no matter what the final death toll of negligence proves to be. That said, this interest in Impeachment could do some good. Even if Bush manages to avoid impeachment, as he likely will, the extra attention provided by the movement could lend some extra fuel to calls for an independent investigation into the Administration's shoddy response to Hurricane Katrina.

Bush let us all down. We pay him to protect us. Instead, through his negligence, he managed to kill off 10,000 of us. We can't let him get away with that. There needs to be an investigation, conducted by an independent commission, and there needs to be some justice.

If I may haul out an old phrase: Regime Change Begins a Home. We have never needed that change more than we do now. It's time for Bush to go back to Crawford. Permanently.

Impeach Bush, you make me laugh, good luck!
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