The Fifth Horseman: The Sheehan Effect

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Sheehan Effect

Well, Cindy Sheehan has definitely been having a vicious effect upon the right wing. Her vigil in Crawford, Texas finally seems to be doing some serious damage to the right-wing Chickenhawks.

How can I tell? I'll tell you why.

The right-wing's increasingly shrill attacks upon Cindy Sheehan reveal how much damage she is doing to their cause.

Just for kicks, let's examine some of the right-wing's juicer tidbits of shrill whining:

"She doesn't love him. I have no sympathy for charlatans."
--User on Right Thinking Girl (

"However, she's also a moonbat and somebody needs to tell her to stuff a sock in it."
--Right Thinking Girl

Perhaps more entertaining than the typical shrill insults, are the right-wing's attempts to take the high road. Several right-wing bloggers have attempted to insinuate that Cindy Sheehan is simply a pawn in a wider left-wing conspiracy to bring down the President. Observe the following quotes:

"The right has not used people like Lynn Kelly, Linda Ryan, or hundreds of others, to make their case in our current war. It would be decent if the left stopped using Cindy Sheehan to make theirs."
--Chrenkoff (

"There's no question that far left ideologues are controlling access to Cindy Sheehan..."
--Bill O'Reilly

Amusing, very amusing. However, in addition to its pure entertainment value, these shrill, right-wing rants are very telling.

The sheer volume of the right-wing's attack on Cindy Sheehan proves that she is doing some good. Additionally, no matter how much the right-wingers call for Cindy to be silenced, their shrill cries are only lending momentum to Cindy's story. Combine this free coverage with mounting death tolls in Iraq and growing public discontent to create a recipe for a Democratic upset in the 2006 midterms. All the Democrats have to do now is establish themselves as a pro-peace alternative to the Republican Chickenhawk Brigade.

Now, there's only one story that need some more coverage: The Continuing Saga of Turdblossom. Remember him? He still hasn't been brought to justice, folks. Don't forget about Karl Rove. The man is still a crook.

Let's put him behind bars.

Great blog!
Did you know that MoveOn PAC is organizing candlelight vigils to support Cindy Sheehan on Wednesday at 7:30? There is one set up in downtown Royal Oak by the library. Check out for more info.
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