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Friday, August 12, 2005


The Other Moms

First of all, I would like to start my entry by giving a hearty congratulations to Cindy Sheehan. Through her vigil in Crawford, Cindy has single-handedly managed to bring media coverage back to the most important question of the Iraq War: what are our children dying for?

That said, I would like to devote the rest of this entry to some other parents of fallen soldiers. Although Cindy has been getting the most media coverage, she is far from the only military mother taking a stance against Bush's War. There are dozens of other military mothers (and wives) finally speaking out against the war that took the lives of their sons (or husbands). In fact, some of these other pro-peace mothers have started to finally get some media coverage of their own.

Mary Ann MacCombie lost her son in 2004. Her story was picked up here:

KCEN-TV, the local NBS affiliate for Central Texas, talked to Cathleen Fox and her son Christopher. They both came to Crawford to support Cindy. Christopher is shipping back to Iraq in a few months.

Valerie Fletcher's son is currently deployed in Iraq. Valerie is on her way to join Cindy's vigil in Crawford.

WISH-TV, the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis, interviewed Jari Sheese. A military wife, Sheese also proclaimed her support for Cindy.

These mothers and wives have joined Cindy in asking the question that is on the lips of sensible people everywhere: What the hell are we fighting for? The White House has still failed to provide a consistent justification for the war that is currently devouring the lives of young American men and women.

As you read, a car bomb is killing Iraqi civilians. As you read, one of our children is being pinned down by enemy fire. As you read, a young man is struggling to walk with a prosthetic leg. As you read, a suicide bomber is strapping on an explosive vest to kill Americans. As you read, men, women, and children are dying.


That, my friends, is the question that these mothers and wives are asking of President Bush. And that's the question we all need to ask, as well.

excellent. thank you.
By the way, this post comes up top of the list on a technorati search for "Sheehan". Keep up the good work.

mother of a US Marine
Thank you very much, Deb. It's nice to know that someone is reading my blog, and that my words are having some sort of effect.

I hope your son comes home safely.
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