The Fifth Horseman: More Conservative Criticism of Bush's War

Monday, August 22, 2005


More Conservative Criticism of Bush's War

That's right ladies and gentlemen: Conservative criticism of the Iraq War.

And I'm not just talking about Chuck Hagel. Between Cindy Sheehan, CNN's "Dead Wrong", and the President's apparently oblivious outlook on the Iraq War, conservative solidarity has began to unravel around the edges. Let's examine some quotes from right-wing bloggers and Talking Heads:

"It's time for us conservatives to face facts. George W. Bush has pissed away the conservative moment by pursuing a war of choice via policies that border on the criminally incompetent."
--Stephen Bainbridge

In a Washington Post column, George Will commented on the foolishly ignorant optimism of the White House:

"Regarding Iraq, the hope is that the democratic transformation that took centuries in much more promising social settings can succeed in Iraq, given another week."
--George Will

"...SecDef Rumsfeld (and therefore the President) made some key miscalculations in regards to how to handle the complexities of Iraq sans Saddam. Clearly the entire assessment on what would happened was far too pollyannish..."
--Dr. Steven Taylor

Additionally, Bush took a hit with the release of a new poll from the American Research group in which his overall approval rating dropped to 36%. In fact, at 58%, more Americans disapprove of Bush than approve of him.

What does this mean for Democrats and principled left-wingers? Between conservative in-fighting and plummeting approval ratings, all of us principled left-wingers and Democrats have been presented with a golden opportunity. Now is the time for the Democrats to come together behind a unified, pro-peace policy. With the public, and many conservatives, on our side, it could be possible to actually get some answers and accountability from the Chickenhawk Brigade.

Of course, this is easier said then done. The current Democratic party is hardly a unified, monolithic block. But the GOP is hardly any better. Now is as good a time as ever for the Democrats to establish themselves as a pro-peace alterntive to the Chickenhawks on the far-right.

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