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Monday, August 08, 2005


Let's talk about the war...

Well, the Iraq War has been attracting a lot of attention in the media today. And rightfully so, this pointless war of aggression is now costing dozens of American lives a week. That's right: dozens. 34 U.S. soldiers were killed in this first week of August. Thanks to this death toll, and the efforts of a few brave Americans, it seems that the Iraq War is finally getting some of the harsh criticism it so richly deserves. Observe the top then searches on

1. “Peter Jennings”
2. “Aq Khan”
3. Wmd
4. “Cindy Sheehan”
5. Audioscrobbler
6. Eplatform
7. “Air America”
8. Chile
9. “Fernando Flores”
10. “Lubos Motl”

At #3 is WMD. Status: still non-existent. They were never there. Saddam destroyed them years ago. Iraq was no threat to the United States.

So, what are we fighting for?

At #4 is Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier slain in Iraq. Cindy has been staging an anti-war protest outside of the Dubya's vacation grounds in Crawford these past few days. This protest has attracted the attention of all major media outlets: television, bloggers, the press, and talk radio. In fact, I heard Cindy talking on the Detroit area's local Air America station this morning, explaining her opposition to the senseless war that took the life of her son. Cindy deserves a hearty pat-on-the-back from all of us principled left-wingers for again bringing the Iraq war back into the national spotlight. Good job, Cindy.

There's only one downside to all of this Iraq war coverage: it's drawn fire away from Karl Rove. Don't forget about Rove, people: the crook is still at large. Don't let the White House weasel out of this: keep the pressure on Rove! Don't stop covering the Iraq war, but keep make sure to cover Rove too. Remember: There is never only one scandal. This administration is a hotbed of corruption and iniquity. Let's keep the bastards sweating.

Great blog. I wasn't aware that 34 US soldiers had been killed thus far this week, I thought the figure was at 20 or close to it.

You may be interested in information on connections between MS-13, Al Qaeda and the Salvadoran insurgency in the 1980s against US sponsored death squads.

Apparently, MS-13 founders came out of the guerrilla army in Salvador. Apparently they didn't like peasants getting massacred by the tens of thousands by the Salvadoran army, and now-- for some strange reason-- they're angry at the United States.

I posted an article on it here:

Bread on the water.
Hey, thanks for the comment: I love getting input for the blog, and it's always nice to know that someone appreciates my writing.

I found your comment very interesting. It doesn't take much of a stretch of imagination to picture the Iraqi insurgents, ten or twenty years down the line, becoming an organization somewhat like MS-13. Then again, they might simply fill the ranks of the next generation of extremists, much like the mujhadeen (spelling?) of 1980's Afghanistan becoming the modern-day Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

Either way, the current U.S. occupation of Iraq will mean bad news for us ten to twenty years down the line.
#3 is still non-existent, but it's more important that #10 has already been found.
One other thing...

"They were never there" and "Nonexistent" and "Destroyed years ago" are wishful thinking in my opinion. I think the US military dropped the ball and that Syria has them now.

I mean, trumpet the WMD line all day out of political necessity. But he didn't destroy his crown jewels.
Interesting idea. I don't agree with it...but interesting, nonetheless.

However, I wouldn't say that trumpeting the "Nonexistent" and/or "Destroyed years ago" lines is a political neccesity. WMDs in Syrian hands would reflect just as badly upon the White House as the currently-accepted "Destroyed years ago" theory. Either way, there was a royal screw-up somewhere down the line.
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