The Fifth Horseman: Let's talk about Treasongate

Friday, August 05, 2005


Let's talk about Treasongate

If you're an avid Treasongate-scandal watcher like me, then these past 24 hours will have been absolutely thrilling for you. Indeed, several interesting developments have emerged in the past couple days. Perhaps most exciting of all is a pair of encouraging new polls that have been released to the public by CBS News: (

"There is currently a grand jury investigating whether a crime was committed when a CIA officer's identity was revealed to reporters. How important do you think the investigation is to the nation -- of great importance, some importance, or very little importance?"

Great: 41 % Some: 39% Very Little: 15 % None: 1 %

"In their statements about the possible leak of the CIA officer's identity, do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the entire truth, are mostly telling the truth but are hiding something, or are mostly lying?"

Truth: 12% Hiding Something: 55% Lying : 22% Unsure: 11%"

This is very encouraging as it reveals two things:

1. The public wants answers from the administration
and 2. The public isn't falling for the administration's lies.

There is one other development that has excited me, although this one for its entertainment value. What am I talking about, you may ask?

Bob Novak's explosion on live television.

Follow this link to view the amusing video:

All in all, a good day for us principled left-wingers. The public has shown that it's still interested in Karl Rove, and Robert Novak's amusing explosion has provided some entertainment. Now all we need is some more coverage of Treasongate on the networks and blogs to make it perfect. (A conviction of Rove would also be nice, but I suspect that's asking for too much).

The principled left-wingers (as well as Fox News!) are asking that the administration give Rove a medal for outing a CIA agent. We don't need a second government within a government. It's time to do away with the CIA completely.
What "principled left wingers", specifically, are advocating a medl for Rove? Color me skeptical, unless I've completely missed a sarcastic tone, in which case, carry on . . .
I'm going to have to agree with my good friend Anonymous here... Hopefully you were just being sarcastic.
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