The Fifth Horseman: The Indictment is a Hoax: Stop Writing About It!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The Indictment is a Hoax: Stop Writing About It!

Wow, just wow. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, you probably know about this Bush Indictment hysteria. For the past 24 hours, the words "Bush Indictment" have held the #1 search slot on This rumor has, of course, been established as entirely false.

So, here's my message to everyone out there: stop writing about it. Every well-intentioned liberal blogger that writes an entry speculating about the indictment hoax is simply fanning the flames of hysteria and doing great harm to the cause of principled left-wingers everywhere.

Why? I'll tell you why.

This uproar over the false indictment is distracting attention away from the real scandals.

We're wasting our time writing about some pipe-dream that will likely never come to fruition. I want to see Bush behind bars as much as anyone, but I know that it will likely never happen. So, since writing about a fake story is simply a complete waste of time, we (i.e. all us principled left-wingers) should focus our liberal outrage where it can do some good.

For your blogging convenience, I have composed a list of more suitable topics, which we should write about instead of the Indictment hoax:

1. Karl Rove
2. The Iraq War
3. Social Security
4. Cindy Sheehan
5. The Downing Street Memo (remember that!?!)
7. Stem Cell Research

So start writing about those topics. Stop writing about this false indictment: it's distracting us from the real issues.

P.S. I realize the hypocrisy of this entry in that my main topic was, in fact, the Indictment Hoax. This means that, to some extent, I too am fanning the flames of hysteria by keeping the topic alive. Therefore, I vow that, from now on, I will write about this Indictment Hoax no longer. All the other bloggers would do well to follow this advice. Let's keep the pressure on the real scandals, people, not the fake ones.

Actually, there are some notions and whispers of an actual origin for this thoughtline. I think that the reason that it is staying on top of the most frequent search list for so long is due to a recessed desire within the populous of the United State for this to actually be true. Feel free to check out my blog for a further read.

I've heard the name "Tom Flocco" tossed around a lot in discussions of the origin of the story.

This is probably the most plausible theory, as the man has written some pretty outlandish stories in the past.
Your Welcome. And what do I write about if they lock em' all up?
Best Wishes.
Mr. Postman
Ah, this is true, Mr. Postman. Although the antics of the bushies make me spitting mad, I don't know what I would write about without them.
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