The Fifth Horseman: Come on, people!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Come on, people!

We need to get our priorities straight. Stop paying attention to the wrong stuff! Let's examine the top ten searches on

1. “Intelligent Design”
2. “Yahoo Audio Search”
3. Ajax
4. “Steven Vincent”
5. “Audio Search”
6. Oscon
7. Ipod
8. “Air France”
9. Podcast
10. “Office 12”

This is shameful. Why, you ask?

Because the two most important topics aren't on the list.

Those topics are: the new energy bill and Karl Rove.

Yesterday, Congress broke a four-year deadlock by passing a new multi-billion dollar energy bill. This by itself is not alarming, however, a closer examination of the bill will reveal several shady provisions. Most shocking of all is the fact that the bill grants 2.7 billion dollars in tax breaks to the largest oil and gas industries. This is completely unnecessary, as Exxon-Mobil corporation on its own made 7.6 billion dollars in pure profits this quarter alone. Clearly, the tax breaks are only a blatant political maneuver to keep these rich donors in the GOP camp.

And yet, this bill has not received nearly as much outrage as it deserves from the major news networks. In fact, some of the strongest criticism for the bill came from John Stewart on last night's Daily Show. It's a sad day when Comedy Central provides more reliable and relevant news coverage than the major networks. Very sad.

This brings me to my second topic: Karl Rove. It seems that all the media, televised and bloggerized, has forgotten about Turdblossom. This is exactly what the Bushies want: don't let them get away with it. Karl Rove is a criminal and deserves to go to prison. This will only happen if we keep the pressure on the White House to bring him to justice.

This means you, fellow bloggers. Keep frothing at the mouth and writing strongly worded letters in true liberal fashion. Therein lies the path to victory, my friends.

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