The Fifth Horseman: Well, it could be worse... (But don't forget about Karl Rove!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well, it could be worse... (But don't forget about Karl Rove!)

It's official, we have a nominee: Bush officially nominated John G. Roberts to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court today.

I couldn't find much on Roberts. He's only been a judge, on the D.C. Court of Appeals, since Bush nominated him for that post in 2003. However, his record as Deputy Solicitor under the first Bush tells us something about his record.

Some of Robert's record on abortion is unsettling. In fact, as Deputy Solicitor General, Roberts argued in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court. Although Roberts hasn't officially announced any intentions on Roe v. Wade, his confirmation could potentially put a women's right to choose in grave danger.

However, that was fifteen years ago. In his career since then, Roberts has done very little to indicate that he is a hard-line anti-choice activist. In fact, Roberts has done very little to indicate his stance on any of the issues. He has only been a judge since May 2003, so it's hard to pinpoint his stances on abortion and other crucial social issues. This has actually caused worry in some conservative circles. Many in the GOP are wary over Roberts proving to be "another David Souter." Souter, like Roberts, was a new justice with a thin dossier and somewhat ambiguous stances on the issues. The Republicans pushed him through anyways in 1990, hoping that he would prove to be a solid-conservative justice. In fact, Souter proved to be the exact opposite: handing down many liberal rulings on reproductive rights, affirmative action, and homosexuality. So, after the surprise of David Souter, many conservatives may be wary of approving another new justice, with somewhat ambiguous stances, such as Roberts.

This also offers some hope for us principled left-wingers: if David Souter could surprise us, maybe John G. Roberts can too. Maybe he will uphold affirmative action, gay rights, and Roe v. Wade.

We can only hope.

P.S. Although this is important, we have to make sure not to let this nomination distract us from the real controversy: Karl Rove.

In fact, my hunch is that Bush announced his nominee this early precisely in order to distract us from Karl Rove's immoral antics. Don't fall for it. Remember: Karl Rove is a crooked assclown, and should be ridden out of Washington on a rail.

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