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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Shameless Traffic Grab

::Sigh:: Like all bloggers, I am facing something of a dilemna right now. At this point, there are two things I can do, I can either: a)Write what others want to read, OR b)write what I want to write about. However, I've had lot of luck lately. Why? For once, the two seem to be intersecting. Observe the list of top ten searches on

1. Cafta
2. “Stephanie Klein”
3. “Seth Merrin”
4. Liquidnet
5. 林志玲
6. “Virtual Earth”
7. “Harry Potter”
8. Konfabulator
9. Discovery
10. “Karl Rove”

At #10 is Karl Rove. Karl Rove has been in the top ten constantly since he was revealed as the source of the leak. He has also been my sole topic since he was revealed. But that's not my point

Here's my main point: this list is very telling. As his constant presence on the list indicates, people want to know more about the Karl Rove scandal.

Despite Bush's best efforts to distract us, people still want to hold Karl Rove accountable for what he has done.

Here's my message to Dubya and his gang: This scandal will not go away. We want answers. You can't stonewall us forever. Eventually, justice will have to be served.

I look forward to that day with relish and anticipation.

Here's hoping it comes soon.

You might find my site interesting because it aggregates readers' opinions about the relative quality of items.

I believe that long after "Karl Rove" leaves the top-10 list, people will feel that it is an important thing to look into. This fact will be apparent on my site.
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