The Fifth Horseman: Rove and Bolton: Twin Titans of Tyranny

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Rove and Bolton: Twin Titans of Tyranny

Alright, I admit it. The title is a wee bit of an exaggeration. I'm sorry. I guess I just have a soft spot in my heart for alliteration.

Anyhow , on to the update.

Item #1: Karl "Turdblossom" Rove

Well, the administration and the GOP members in Congress are still doing nothing to bring the leaker (i.e. Turdblossom, himself) to justice). There haven't been many developments in the past 24 hours, so today I'm going to simply post something I originally saw on Harry Reid's web-site (

CIA Leak Case By the Numbers

Number of days after the article outing Ambassador Wilson's wife appeared that the White House required its staff to turn over evidence relating to the leak: 85

Approximate hours between then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez's advance notification to White House Chief of Staff Andy Card that he would require staff to turn over evidence
relating to the case and formal notification to staff of that requirement: 12

Minimum number of times an Administration official leaked classified information about the identity of Ambassador Wilson's wife: 11

Minimum number of times after the beginning of the Justice Department's investigation that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan claimed Karl Rove was not involved: 5

Number of press conferences since evidence linking Karl Rove to the leak was made public where Press Secretary McClellan has refused to comment on the case, citing an ongoing criminal investigation: 7

Minimum number of hearings held by Senate Republicans to investigate accusations against President Clinton involving the "Whitewater" case: 20

Total hearings held by Senate Republicans to investigate the leak of the covert identity of Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife: 0

Item #2: John Bolton

Well, unless you live in a cave somewhere, you've probably heard that the Bushies are hinting at a temporary appointment of Bolton. This is interesting, to say the least. To put a different perspective on the story, let's dig into the vault and travel back to the Good Old Days: The Clinton Years. Read this excerpt from a December, 1997 story by CNN (

"If they make a recess appointment, then I have to say, it’s a finger in the eye of the Senate,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told FOX on Sunday. “I think you’d find there would be an awful lot of repercussions from that.”
“I think there’ll be a slowdown on a lot of things from the president,” Hatch said Sunday. “I think you’re going to have difficulty getting judges through. They’re going to have difficulty on the appropriations process. I think there’ll be attempts by some to … really let the president know you don’t do this.”

It will be interesting to hear Hatch's reaction to this nomination controversy, particularly if Harry Reid resorts to some of the tactics threatened by the Republicans in 1997...

Still, things will look bad for the U.N. if Bush pushes through a recess-confirmation. Oh well, at this point, there is really only one thing Democrats can do if Bush does push through a temporary confirmation: do what they've been doing all along: Give the bastard nothing.

Keep fighting him. And, mid-term elections are just around the corner. Who knows, maybe the public will get smarter by then and realize their mistake in installing a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

We can only hope.

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