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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Questions about Rove...

The White House Press Corps has been unusually feisty lately. Ever since the news about Karl Rove became public, reporters at Scott McClellan's press conferences have been actually asking questions and ::gasp:: being journalists. I know, it's shocking. For instance, take this excerpt from this morning's press conference. McClellan began by informing the reporters of this morning's bombing attacks in London. He then tried to use the topic of the bombing to transition into discussion of America's increased transit security. It didn't work. Instead, reporters immediately began hounding McClellan guessed it...Karl Rove. Here's the excerpt:

Question: Why does Karl Rove still have security clearance and access to classified documents when he has been revealed as a leaker of a secret agent, according to Time magazine's correspondent?

McClellan: Well, there is an investigation that continues, and I think the President has made it clear that we're not going to prejudge the outcome of that investigation.

Question: You already have the truth.

McClellan: We're not going to prejudge the outcome of that investigation through--

Question: Does he have access to security documents?

McClellan: -- through media reports. And these questions came up over the last week--

Question: Did he leak the name of a CIA agent?

McClellan: As I was trying to tell you, these questions have been answered.

Question: No, they haven't.

Question: Let me ask--

McClellan: Go ahead, David.

Question And they most certainly haven't. I think Helen is right, and the people watching us know that. And related to that, there are now--

McClellan: Let me correct the record. We've said for quite some time that this was an ongoing investigation, and that we weren't going to comment on it, so let me just correct the record.

Question: If you want to make the record clear, then you also did make comments when a criminal investigation was underway, you saw fit to provide Karl Rove with a blanket statement of absolution. And that turned out to be no longer accurate --

It continues on in this manner for a while: the reporters asking simple, blunt, probing questions; and McClellan stonewalling and/or evading them.

You know what's shocking? The fact that I even used the words "probing" and "White House Press Corps" in the same entry. But, for once, it seems that our White House press is showing some spine.

Why? It's quite simple: revenge.

This administration has snubbed the media time and time again. The media has endured a long line of disgraces at the hands of the Bush administration, including (but not limited to): the planting of White House-friendly reporters in the press corps, mass-mailing Rove-engineered propaganda "newscasts" to the major networks and, last but not least, telling bald-faced lies to the White House Press Corps.

Apparently, after all the humiliations, the media has had enough. Finally presented with a scandal of sufficiently epic proportions, the media has decided to go on the attack against the Bush administration and it's lies..

Finally, we have reporters doing actual reporting: asking actual questions, putting McClellan on the defensive and, finally, taking the constant stream of bullshit with a hefty grain of salt.

The White House has been caught in a lie and, finally, the media seems to want to do something about it. They smell blood in the water, and they're not going to stop questioning the administration until they have nemesis.

Or so I hope.

My message for the media: Whatever, you do guys, don't take no for an answer. Don't accept McClellan's stonewalling: keep asking the tough questions. And, above all: STICK IT TO EM'.

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