The Fifth Horseman: The Plot Thickens: More Rove News

Monday, July 25, 2005


The Plot Thickens: More Rove News

Well, some new and interesting twists have developed in the Karl Rove scandal. Or, as I have heard several other bloggers call it: TreasonGate.

I rather like the sound of that.

I've been hearing a lot of fuss over the so-called 12-Hour Gap. For those of you not up to date with our hep lingo, I'll fill you in.

When the Justice Dept. began its investigation into the Plame leak in September 2003, it formally notified then-White House Counsel Gonzales so he would ensure that relevant records would be kept.

But Gonzales did not relay that notification to the White House staff until the next morning, giving him or someone else a 12-hour opportunity to destroy evidence.


But don't get your hopes up. Although it is a pipe-dream fantasy of mine to see Gonzales behind bars, I sincerely doubt anything will come of this resurrection of the "12-hour Gap" theory. There just doesn't seem to be enough hard evidence against Gonzales.

Sadly, this seems to be the case with many members of the Bush administration: Everybody knows that they're crooks, it's just not easy finding hard evidence.

But there's still hope for getting a conviction pinned upon Rove. I wouldn't bet on it (these bastards are tricky, you know), but there is still a faint glimmer of hope that the Grand Jury might actually dole out some justice.

At this point, there are several different fates Rove can suffer:

1. He's convicted and sentenced by the jury. (least likely option, but my favorite)

2. Rove is convicted, but pardoned by Bush (my second favorite option, as this would spell almost certain doom for the GOP in the 2006 midterms)

3. Rove is brought to trial, but still manages to weasel out of justice (more likely)

4. No charges are filed, Rove not brought to trial. (sadly, this is the most likely option)

However, there is one sure thing, no matter what Rove's fate: The Bush Administration will not escape this scandal unscathed.

It will now be impossible for Bush to get away with portraying himself as an honest, down-to-earth, Beltway-outsider. No matter whether Rove escapes justice or not, on thing can be sure: The American people now know that Bush lies.

Try as they may , the Administration won't be able to escape this fight without one hell of a bloody nose.

And that's what let's me sleep at night.

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