The Fifth Horseman: No surprise at all...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


No surprise at all...

Well, unless you live in an igloo somewhere, you've probablly heard that the source of the leak has been found: Karl Rove.

Surprised? I'm not. Why? Because the man is Niccolo freakin' Machiavelli.

Only this administration is willing to make a power play as low as endangering the life of an American operative in order to gain petty political revenge against her husband. And Karl Rove is the man that does the dirty work best. Niccolo would be proud.

Honestly, at this point, nothing this administration does can surprise me. Seriously. I would honestly consider and possibly believe a report on, oh let's say, the donkey-sodomizing fetish shared by Karl Rove and Condoleeza Rice, or the orphan-beating habits of Donald Rumsfield. Seriously, I don't think anything at all is beneath these guys. But I digress.

Now things are going to get really interesting. Bush promised, back in 2004, to fire anyone found complicit with the leak of Plume's name. That means Karl Rove. Of course, we all know that Bush isn't going to fire Rove. So, the only question remaining is this: how much of a shitstorm is the media going to raise (Fox News doesn't qualify as media. It's more of a propaganda department than a news outlet) and how much of a bloody nose will this give the adminstration?

Yep, these next few weeks could be extremely interesting...

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