The Fifth Horseman: Looking beyond Rove

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Looking beyond Rove

Let's talk about lies. That's right: lies.

By this point I (and every other blogger, for that matter), have talked the Karl Rove scandal to death. So today, I'm going to go beyond Karl Rove and talk about the real scandal. The scandal that actually caused the Karl Rove scandal.

What scandal am I talking about?

The Iraq War Specifically, the lies that lead this nation into the Iraq war.

Reuters released a very telling poll this morning ( The poll revealed that, for the first time, the majority of Americans "...believed the administration was deliberately misleading when it asserted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction..."

How does this relate to the Karl Rove scandal?

If you'll recall, this whole scandal began when Robert Wilson, in July 2003, wrote a column in the New York Times asserting that the Bush administration had distorted facts and misled the public when presenting the evidence of Saddam's nuclear ambitions. This distorted and often downright false evidence was used as the primary justification for the war against Saddam.

Karl Rove then leaked the name of Wilson's wife, an undercover CIA operative, to punish Wilson for his article. The revelation of Rove's role in the leak in the past couple weeks has reignited the debate.

However, now, I believe it is time to look beyond Rove himself, and instead examine the root cause all this scandal: the lies that led us into war.

For the first time since the war began, the majority of the American public agrees with Robert Wilson that Bush misled us into war.

This is huge. This is a scandal that far surpasses Karl Rove himself. Not only does this implicate Rove, but it implicates the entire Bush administration. The administration deliberately misled this nation into war through a stream of lies and misinformation, and our children are paying for it with their lives.

That's the real scandal; and it finally looks like the public is beginning to realize it.

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