The Fifth Horseman: House Renews Patriot Act: We are screwed

Saturday, July 23, 2005


House Renews Patriot Act: We are screwed

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. We are screwed.

The House voted 257-171 to renew the USA Patriot Act last night.


The answer is simple: fear.

Yet again, the GOP managed to shoo in the bill on the heels of a fear-inducing terrorist attack, this time the second London Bombing.

Now I'm not going to make wild charges, but doesn't it seem a little convenient how these things always work out?

A well-placed bombing occurs just in time to scare enough swing voters in the House into passing the renewed Patriot Act.

George W. Bush should give Osama bin Laden a medal.

Why? I'll tell you why. Osama bin Laden has helped the Bush administration's agenda more than any man alive, with the possible exception of Karl Rove.

Al Qaeda's terrorist strikes always occur at the most convenient times. Before September 11th, Bush was one of the most unpopular Presidents ever. However, the attacks rallied the country and conveniently suppressed any protest from lawmakers, out of fear of sounding unpatriotic. Bush exploited this swelling of patriotism to pass despicable laws, such as the USA PATRIOT Act. Also, the September 11th attacks likely got Bush his second term in office.

Think about it. Every other aspect of his Presidency failed. The economy, education, and healthcare are all failing under George W. Bush's reign. The only thing that Bush can really brag about is the war on terrorism.

You know what? Come to think of that, Bush failed at fighting terrorism too.

Why? I'll tell you why.

Bush allowed Osama bin Laden and most of Al Qaeda's fighting strength to escape from Afghanistan. He then sent all our troops into Iraq, where they are now training the next generation of Islamic extremists by serving as human target practice. Like the Soviet's in Afghanistan in the 80's, our occupation of Iraq is breeding the next generation of extremists by drawing new recruits to Radical Islam, and providing them with a place to get real combat training (Iraq). This is going to bite us in the ass ten years down the line when we have to face a cadre of veteran militants, all with combat experience from the battlegrounds of Iraq.

So, in conclusion: George W. Bush is a complete failure at everything he has ever done.

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