The Fifth Horseman: G-8 Conference: My Amateur Analysis

Saturday, July 09, 2005


G-8 Conference: My Amateur Analysis

Well, the dust has settled over the G-8 conference, revealing a mixed bag of results: some excellent, some glaringly lacking. To simplify matters, I have broken my analysis down into two lists: Good Stuff and Bad Stuff.

Good Stuff

1. Overall African aid and debt releif boosted from $25 billion to $50 billion

2. The EU agreed to boost it's aid to 0.7 percent of its national income by 2015.

3. Leaders endorsed a deal to releive the debt of 18 debtor nations.

Bad Stuff

1. Bush refused to increase the US aid contribution to the proposed 0.7 percent. In fact, at a mere 0.16 percent of our nation income, the United States has the lowest proportional contribution of any of the G-8.

2. Bush also refused to meet guidelines for curbing American greenhouse gas emissions. Apparentlly, Bush still needs to gather more information on the topic. Is anyone else reminded of Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

3. Although the debt of 18 nations was releived, this is not nearly enough. The G-8 will have to cancel the debt of many more nations if it hopes on reaching the UN's 2015 anti-poverty goals.

Overal Summary

Good, but not enough. The G-8 as a whole needs to relieve more debt and commit to larger amounts of aid if it hopes to reach the UN's sweeping anti-poverty goals. The U.S in paritcular needs to step up. We have the most powerful economy in the world are capable of doing the most good, yet we still shouldered the lightest proportional load of economic aid. Additionally, Bush's continued resitance to curbing greenhouse effectivelly negates any positve effects of the anti-poverty efforts. What good is helping the poor and hungry if they'll simply inherit an overheated, polluted world, completely flooded by melted ice caps.

Alarmist? Maybe a little. However, even if the real effects of global warming aren't that drastic, my point still stands. Bush's refusal to accept decent enviromental guidelines is a symptom of his administrations irresponsibility and inability to excersice any sort of long-range planning. Any foregin observer is probablly left with the impression that Bush is too obsessed with "saving" the world from the immediate dangers of terrorism to see the long-term effects of his irresponsibilty upon the future survival of man.

The man simply lacks any balance or ability to forsee the effects of events more distant than next election year. It doesn't help that he's too simple to see any sort of nuances. The world's not black and white. However, Dubya, and virtually every individual involved with the administration of this nation, is either too foolish to see that or too spineless to speak out.

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