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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


First rant...

Well, I'm officially a blogger. So, I guess it's time to start doing what bloggers do best: amateur punditry.

This is really just recycled from an old livejournal entry. I'll start writing some original rants specifically for this blog sometime soon. It's my hope that I'll use this for more sophisicated rants, and my livejournal for social fluff. Well, here it is, not my best, but it's a start:

Guys, we're fucked.

It's time to start working on that bunker in the hills, cause I don't wanna be around when Bush pushes through his Supreme Court nominations.

Bye, bye Roe v. Wade.
Goodbye affirmative action.
Adios to seperation of church and state.

Seriously people, panic in the streets.

All this uproar over the nominations has raised one surprising tidbit of information: of all the possible nominees, Alberto Gonzales seems like one of the most reasonable.

That't right ladies and gentlemen. This is what the country has come to. This nation is so far gone that I'm actually hoping that Bush nominates Alberto Batshit-Crazy Gonzales for the Supreme Court. Well, not hoping. I'm hoping that Bill Clinton is nominated to the Supreme Court. However, thanks to the situatin on Capital Hill, Gonzales may be the most liberal justice that we can push through onto the Supreme Court.

I know. Sad, isn't it?

But seriously, we know that Bush is going to push through a fucking loonie. So, if we're stuck with a fucking loonie, why not have one that's at least mildly moderate on affirmative action and abortion. Oddly enough, this man is Attorney Genralissmo Gonzales. In fact, Gonzales has actually been taking fire from some conservatives for his moderate stances on affirmative action and abortion. But he's still a fucking loonie who likes to torture people. But, at this point, he might be our best shot at protecting a woman's right to choose and minority rights. Plus, he can't torture us if he's on the Supreme Court.

Sweet Jesus Christ. What am I saying? I hate Gonzales.

Now listen here folks: I am by no means endorsing Gonzales. Hell, I despise the man. If Bush nominates him, the Democrats should fillibuster him to high heaven. Even if they have no chance of defeating Gonzales (or any nominee, for that matter), the Democrats still have to fight Bush when he nominates his batshit crazy justices. We saved the fillibuster exactly for a time like this. I'm hopeful for the success of a fillibuster, but I'm also resigned to the probability of defeat and saddened that the man repsonsible for an American gulag is our best chance for preserving our basic rights.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I'm guess I'm just shocked that this nation has detterioriatd to the point where our best realistic option for a Supreme Court nomination is a human being as despicable and draconian as Gonzales.

But there's still a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Supreme Court nominees are appointed for life, and can't be deposed easily. This has given many a justice an unanticipated sense of independence once appointed to the court. In fact, Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court in the hope that she would be a hard-line, anti-abortion conservative. In fact, once seated on the bench, she proved to be (luckily for the rest of us) a fairly moderate swing-voter. So, there's still hope. The reality is, it's impossible to know what someone will do once placed upon the bench. And that's what lets me sleep at night.

So hold off on the bunker in the hills for now. We might pull though this.But I would still start stocking up on canned foods if I were you...

And here's a message for Pelosi and Reid: Don't back down. Use the fillibuster. And here's the point I finally think I'm trying to make: For God's sake, don't accept Gonzales.

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