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Sunday, July 31, 2005


A blast from the past....

It's been my experience that the Most-Searched list at serves as a pretty good gauge of what the masses are thinking about. So, let's get inside the heads of the bloggers, and see what all the buzz is about today. We'll do this by examining the top ten most popular searches:

1. “Henry Moore”
2. Emily Bronte
3. “Baptist World Alliance”
4. “Benedicto Xvi”
5. “Leo Prieto”
6. “Karl Rove”
7. China
8. Gay
9. Ipod
10. Vista

Interesting searches. Of course Moore and Bronte are at the top, today being their birthday. I've been focusing a lot lately on Karl Rove, now #6, who has rarely left the top ten list for more than a couple hours since the news of his crooked dealings broke a couple weeks ago.

But you know what I don't see on the search list? "Social Security".

I have heard almost no coverage of Bush's proposed Social Security reforms for at least a month.

Now there are several possible reasons for this...

The first reason is that the administration, finally realizing how unpopular the proposed reforms are, decided to quietly stop pressing the public about Social Security. However, even this is somewhat worrisome to me. Either the Bush administration has truly given up (highly unlikely), or they are biding their time and waiting for public uproar to die down, in the hopes of quietly passing the reforms behind everyone's back. That seems like the most likely option.

In fact, this is one instance in which the Karl Rove scandal may actually be doing the Bush administration some good. Don't get me wrong: I don't want coverage of Karl Rove's crooked antics to stop. Quite the opposite: I want the media to hound the bastard into early retirement. Still, I am worried that the sheer volume of coverage of the Karl Rove scandal has drawn the heat off of some of the administration's other dirty deeds.

For example: when was the last time you heard the words "Downing Street Memo", or "Social Security", or "Stem Cell Research"? These topics have been getting some coverage, but not nearly as much as they deserve. Perhaps worst of all is the passing of Bush's CAFTA bill. While bloggers, including myself, ranted and raved about Rove, Congress quietly passed a bill that could lead to the exploitation of workers abroad and the loss of jobs at home. That's bad news.

So, keep the pressure on Karl Rove, the bastard deserves whatever he gets. But don't get tunnel vision: it's dangerous to focus too much on a single issue, such as the Rove scandal.

Why? I'll tell you why.

Because, with the Bush administration, there is never only one scandal. The collective crookedness of the Bush White House is staggering in its scope and depth. We have to focus on Karl Rove, but not Rove alone. There are plenty of already exposed outrages that haven't gotten the coverage they deserve (WMD's, Downing Street Memo, CAFTA, and many more), and there are likely dozens of outrages and immoral doings the public doesn't even know about yet. This administration is a hotbed of criminal iniquity and greed: let's give it the media coverage it so richly deserves.

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